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Meal Plans

buy now Eating begins as a rational decision - fuel the body - but quickly becomes an emotional experience. We maximize the nutritional value of every offering, but our ultimate goal is to create an experience that will evoke a passionate response. As part of that goal, we have several different meal plans for you to choose from.

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we have designed the following meal plans for the 2016-2017 academic year. If you need to purchase a meal plan, or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already please see the Office of Student Services in the Caine Student center.

MEAL PLANS FOR 2016-2017 School Year

                       VIEW PLANS HERE 

These meal plans are available for Residential students and commuter students, for further explanations of meal plan options see below

*Purchase additional Bulldog Bucks and Staff and Faculty Meal Plans ONLINE (click the Buy Now Button)

Block Plans

Block plans are an excellent choice for the person who's schedule is always changing. Block plans are the most flexible option we have. You can use as many meals at a time that you like, to buy a meal for family or a friend. In addition to the meals, each Block Plan comes with Dining Dollars. These dollar amounts are per semester and can be used to purchase meals in Ritchie Marketplace, The Scoreboard Cafe and The Bulldog Beanery. 


Traditional plans are for that person that is wanting to know that their meals will be there all semester. Each plan has a set number of meals each week. At the end of the week, your meal total is reset and ready to start new. Traditional meal plans cannot be shared and you can only use one meal at a time. In addition, each Traditional Plan comes with Dining Dollars. These dollar amounts are per semester and can be used to purchase meals in Ritchie Marketplace, The Scoreboard Cafe and The Bulldog Beanery.  

Having trouble selecting a meal plan? 

Try considering your daily routine. do you eat three meals a day? Will your class schedule, studying, extracurricular activities and social events interfere with dining? Will you miss dinner due to employment or evening classes? Anticipating the answers to these and similar questions will help you to select a mail plan that best fits your lifestyle.

Student IDs

Your Student ID card is your passport to meals on campus, Bulldog Bucks, Adrian College athletic events, the Merillat Sport and Fitness Center, and student discounts at local businesses. All Student ID cards are the property of Adrian College. Students are responsible for maintaining thier ID cards. Lost or damaged cards may be replaced in Ritchie Marketplace for $30.

Meal Plan Exemption Policy

Adrian College is a residential college requiring students who live on campus to eat in the College’s dining facilities.  This policy allows for few, if any, exceptions.  Exceptions are made solely on documented health conditions that require special diets that cannot be accommodated by Adrian College’s Food Service Provider.

Students who request an exemption from the College’s board plan (meals) must complete the Meal Plan Exemption Request Form for each semester they are requesting an exemption.  Please note that meal exemption requests will only be considered for those students who demonstrate a critical need to be off the meal plan.  Exemptions are not granted for dietary choices.  Also, these commonly heard reasons are NOT grounds for an exemption

·         I don’t like the food

·         The meal schedule does not fit my personal schedule

·         I am a vegetarian or vegan

·         I cannot afford to be on a meal plan

·         I have more meals than I can use

·         I don’t eat all of my meals

·         I am dieting

Requests stating such reasons will be denied.

Exemption requests are reviewed at the beginning of each semester, click here to download the exemption form

Fall Semester

·         Exemption requests MUST be received by August 1

·         Exemption requests will be reviewed during the month of August

·         Notification will be provided to the student during Welcome Week

Spring Semester

·         Exemption requests MUST be received by December 1

·         Exemption requests will be reviewed during the month of December

·         Notification will be provided to the student as soon after the New Year holiday as is practicable

Applications received after the deadline(s) will not be considered until the next semester.

NOTE:   Exemption is not guaranteed and the total of Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees are due by the deadlines provided in the Student Account Policy.  Failure to settle the student’s account balance by these established deadlines will result in the consequences defined in the Student Account Policy.

Meal Exemption Process

1.       Once the completed Meal Plan Exemption Request Form is properly received in the Office of Student Affairs the Director of Student Housing will review the request and, along with the Director of Food Services, may speak to the student’s physician, certified allergist/immunologist, and/or dietician.

2.       Once the Meal Plan Exemption Request Form is reviewed, the student may be asked to make an individual appointment with the Director of Food Services.

3.       The Director of Food Services will make a recommendation regarding the ability of the Food Service Provider to meet the special dietary needs of the student requesting the meal plan exemption.  The recommendation may be that the Food Service Provider:

·         can meet the student’s dietary needs.  In this case the student will not be exempt from the Meal Plan requirement and will be notified by e-mail, accordingly.

·         cannot meet the student’s dietary needs.  In this case the student will be notified by e-mail that he/she is exempt from the Meal Plan requirement and any Board fees charged to the student will be adjusted.

The student will be notified via e-mail as to whether the exemption has been approved, denied, or requires further follow-up with the physician, certified allergist/immunologist, and/or registered dietician.

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